Submit Your Station

A wide array of radio channels is welcome to be added in our website’s content. Radio channels and the show would be subjected to our team’s review group first before being included on our list. Channel review would usually take 3-5 days before approval. As long as it is family friendly, non-offensive, informative and does not infringe or break any laws, it is sure to be added. Examples of already approved channels featured on this website would be the cooking station, gun safety promotion channel and also the gardening station which all promote benefits and positive recommendations to its listeners.

The website offers exposure to both amateur and seasoned radio shows as it endorses the patronage of listening in to the radio. Submitting your station here does not only provide exposure for your own show, but it also gives you the chance to get to know other shows and channels who have similar formats and content as you. You can learn from other shows, draw inspiration from them or just simply learn a new lesson. Reviews and recommendations of the shows increase the chances of viewership, and it also helps listeners decide if they should tune into the show or not. So what are you waiting for? Submit your station for review today!