About Us

Radio channels have the ability to bank on the audience’s listening skill. This allows the person’s imagination to work, giving them the freedom to visualize the scenario being described. It also gives them the opportunity to multitask while listening to music or radio drama. Aside from this, shows across airwaves give you that added friendly feeling as if you were just listening on a friend giving you advice, telling you a story or maybe recommending you a product that they found really effective. It adds a more personal touch to on-air conversation, as compared to TV channels that eerily provide a detached less sincere and lazy form of communication.

Unfortunately, the radio channels’ abstract, intangible and less visual appeal may also be its ultimate downfall. Without the constant visualization that for example, a TV station could provide regarding its schedule and upcoming shows; broadcasted segments on airways are too often overlooked and are unknowingly only caught by chance when you turn on the radio. This is the primary reason why this website was created, to be able to catch and inform listeners across the United States of America regarding the many radio stations, segments and shows that could be listened to.

In an age where technology is within reach, and the internet is constantly used to offer information, there are only a little or too few websites that could present schedules, reviews, and previews of shows broadcasted on airwaves. This is also why this very website aims to be one of the pioneers in this field. It hopes to promote having more people listening in on the shows and letting them tune in at the appropriate moment and not leaving it to chance for them to catch the show.

A website like this tries to fill in the gap between the radio talk host and the listener. It allows a win-win opportunity for both the people who wish to broadcast and the audience who wants to listen in. We give the exposure your show needs, and we give you the schedule of shows you may be interested in too. Best of all, we cater to amateur radio channels giving you the much-needed push for your show to get a boost in ratings.

Shows on airwaves deserve more exposure and the chance to supply knowledge and entertainment, our website supplies all of this and more.